From Automation, create a row and open row edit form

I can’t see a way to do this, but thought I would ask first. I am trying to make a button that runs an automation that creates a row in another table with some columns already filled. What I would like to do is immediately open the row edit form to put in some custom information. Is there a way to do this currently?

Hello @Chad_Specter , Currently there is no way to open a row to edit via configuration/code.

However, this week, we are rolling out keyboard shortcuts to
a. open the currently selected row to edit,
b. insert row above/below the current selection
c. indent/un-indent current row.

That may be of some help here.

However I’m curious about your use-case as well - You want to create a related row in another table, but immediately after that, automatically open the row in the current sheet to edit - right?

You can also set the ‘Show Activity Icon’ on the primary column to have the activity icon displayed for the column. This is another easy entry point to opening the row for editing/commenting.

Hi @Murali_Mohan , this is what I am trying to build. It’s an extension of my previous question which you answered. I have a CRM that has both “Interactions” and “Tasks” that are tied to “Opportunities”. Ideally, when I want to log an interaction or create a task, I would not have to leave the Opportunities sheet. When creating a new interaction or task, there is some information that can be prefilled (the Opportunity, Contact, Account, etc.), but other items that would be custom per row (task name, notes, date due, etc.).

Currently I could do one of three things.

  • Go to the Task sheet or Interaction sheet and manually create the row. This is the slowest of these options as I have to manually pick the right relationships from the dropdowns.
  • Create a button that will automatically create a new Task or Interaction row with the correct information, but I would still need to switch to the other sheet and find the new row to enter the custom data (Task name, date, etc).
  • Open the row edit form on the Opportunities page and scroll down to the “Add link to a row in the Tasks worksheet” option under the related column. This is what I have been doing, but it doesn’t auto fill the data, it opens the form for a new Task, but I still need to select all the relationships from the drop downs.

Ideally I could create a button that will have an automation to create a new row with the correct information already filled out. Then either have an option to just open the row edit for for that new row or have the ability to mark fields for custom input after the row is created, maybe by opening a modal with for just those fields.

The flexibility to edit related data without switching worksheets would be helpful in “systematizing” the management of complex workbooks.