Form starting row

Hi, may I know how to make form details start on 1st row of sheet view?

Hi @Sky_Quah,

New form submission should ideally insert a new row after the last non-empty row in the sheet.

To check which is the last non-empty row in your sheet, you can add Created at column in your sheet. If the value of Created at is not empty, the row’s data has been modified at some point and is no more treated as an empty row.

To get a better understanding of how the last non-empty row has changed in your case, can you share the actions that you have performed in this sheet before form submission?


To add to what Rahul said, any cell edited by the user marks that row/column as touched. Even if you clear out the cell’s data, it is still considered as a used row.
If you are starting out with a template and clearing off sample data or clearing out data in a regular workbook, it is advisable to select those rows and use the context menu option to delete entire rows.

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Thanks for your fast respond.

Got it now