Form populating in Spreadsheet

How do I make the responses within a form populate on the same line as the person I’m requesting a response from? Right now, the form responses populate at the bottom of the sheet.

Any best work around for gathering responses from people on my spreadsheet?

Welcome to the community @Jill_McSpadden

Requirement: Collect all form responses by the same user.

If any form field uniquely identifies the submitter ( like email-id / emp-id etc. ), you can consider having a dedicated Sheet View that sorts the sheet-data by that particular field. This view should list all responses from the same user together.

Requirement: Populate form response against an existing user record.

However if your requirement is such that you already have a sheet that lists all People Contacts and you wish to see form responses submitted to another sheet against each Contact in this sheet, any form responses submitted should have a Relationship field ( defined as Two-way relationship with the People contact sheet ) included.

In People Contacts sheet you can define Relationship Lookup fields to automatically pull data from related sheet as and when data is added to it via forms.


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