Data Not Been Pulled Through to the form

Hi There I am just wondering if any one can help me out. I have designed a income form, the first 3 rows are manualy inputted I do this on the form


after this i have summed them up Applied UK tax rate worked put net income this is works on the spreadsheet but not on the form

Then i have wrote a formual to Add this up. This works in the backend on the spreadsheet but on the form as the data is baeen added the expecetd calculated data is not showing up on the form.
Can some one help me out

Thank U

Hi @Kevin_Patrick_McGee ,

Forms are specifically designed only to take user input. Any computed fields on a row ( via formulas or automations ) will NOT evaluate on client-side in form pages.

If your usecase is to also share the entered data with end-user along with all computations, on form submission, you can trigger an Email with all record values ( user entered plus computed ) to the user who has submitted the form.