Streamline Notifications - Urgently Needed

I see a lot of results when I look up “notification” in this community, and to be honest, I don’t know where this needs to be put, but frankly, this really needs attention.

Notification should be pertinent to the information received. If too many come through, the noise level becomes defining. Then people start to either get angry with the volume or stop paying attention to any notification, which isn’t ideal either.

As a user and workspace administrator, I need the power to streamline these notices. There needs to be the ability to restrict and, more importantly, allow each user the ability to cancel out what they don’t want to hear.

In addition, as a consultant working with multiple clients, I have no way of knowing where the notification is coming from. Everything looks like it’s coming from you guys internally from your domain.

Please help us with this.

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@Nathalie_Collins - A major rollout of Notifications management & threaded resolvable comments at cell level are being prepared for 1st half of May 2023.

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