SMS Notifications?

Curious whether SMS Notifications are something on the road map, specifically texts that can be sent via Automations.

I’m wanting to send notifications to different groups of people who don’t use MS Teams or Slack and who won’t all want to sign up for some other 3rd party app or service, and who use phones far more than email.

Example: Automated [kids sports team] practice and game reminders. The spreadsheet is a list of events and their dates, combined with reminders about assignments, with an Automation that sends the email notification to the group of users. Another example would be a list of recurring meetings where the worksheet is used to manage rotating assignments.

If SMS Notifications are not on the roadmap, maybe the Zapier integration will allow this type of thing? There seem to be a lot of SMS apps available on Zapier (though I haven’t ever used any). The main issue with this example is the need to send text notifications without requiring them to sign up for some other app or service.

We do have a mobile app in the roadmap but not SMS notifications in particular. The Zapier integration is in the works and will be released soon.

I imported the “Soccer roster” template from Vertex42 and setup a select column which states if the player is in the “Playing 11” or on “Bench”.

You can configure a trigger in Zapier on SSDC that picks on this select column value changing to “Playing 11”.

Then configure your SMS app (used Twilio) where you can map fields retrieved from SSDC (phone number and player fName,lName here) and construct your message

I received the following SMS as a test result.


@santosh Very cool. I look forward to trying this out when you release the Zapier integration. I’ll make a general template and share it with you so that you can use it in your testing. For the team roster case it would be for sending reminders about game times and locations along with the snack assignments. For business/organizational use, it would be very useful for reminders about recurring meetings with links to agenda docs and assignments.

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