Protect/lock cells


Would it be possible to have the ability to lock/protect cells so users cannot enter data in a cell with a formula and destroy it?


You can edit data type and mark it as ‘Strict’.

@santosh I think what Carol is asking about is the ability to prevent certain users from changing column/range/cell values – so if she writes a formula, other users cannot modify it. Marking a data type as Strict will prevent the ability to enter a formula.

@Carol_Merriman Today we don’t have the ability to lock columns/ranges/cells for certain users. The closes thing is permission level – users with the “Viewer” permission on a workbook cannot edit anything (they have read-only access).

We do have plans to add column/range/cell-level permissions (i.e. control who can read/write down to the individual cell level) but we don’t have a timeline on this yet. Hope this helps.

Santosh’s suggestion would help with data validation (i.e. making sure users can only enter data that matches the assigned data type)


Thanks for the response.
Yes, I want to protect certain columns from users who enter data from destroying the formulas.
This would be a great feature so a spreadsheet could be distributed to more people.

If you want to define an entire column as read-only formula cells, would request you to consider leveraging Column Formulas as a possible alternative.

Column formulas:

  • Defined at column level and not individual cell level. Caters to use-cases around applying similar formula on fields in each row. Examples:
    • Concatenating First Name, Last Name fields on each row =CONCATENATE( A, B)
    • Finding ratio of a field with respect to entire column: =DIV( C, C1:C100)
  • Read-only by default i.e. formula cannot be altered at individual cell level.
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+1 for this feature.

or a way to sync data views to another Worksheet :innocent: