How to copy and paste?

I am unable to copy the formula to other adjoining cells as I usually do in excel.

Also when I try to do ctrl+c and ctrl+V I get a popup “Paste only value”. How to resolve this?

Hi @Mridula_Menon_Produc,

In order to help with this, can you let us know if this is happening to you in a workbook you created from a template, and if so:
A. which template?
B. which cells are you trying to paste from/to

In some cases, cells are read-only and cannot be edited/pasted to such as:

  1. All cells in columns with computed data types such as Autonumber, Column Formula, Related Row Lookup, Related Row Rollup, Created At, Created By, Updated At, Updated By.
  2. If Project Management is enabled on the worksheet, parent row cells in project management columns (Start Date, End Date, Duration, and % Complete) all roll up from child row cells and are non-editable.
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