Printing and Email

When it comes to printing, you’ll want a really easy system for both printing to PDF as well as auto-generating an email with the PDF attached. You’ll also want to be able to customize the email, define the list of emails to send to, and schedule when the report is emailed. Any type of report that might be printed or emailed may also be something you want sent on an automated basis, weekly, monthly, or on-demand.

In Google Sheets, you can create a script to generate a PDF and send the PDF as an email attachment to a list of emails. But you don’t want to require scripting to do such an important and commonly needed task.

Defining a default Print Area for a worksheet is very important. Google Sheets still hasn’t done that and it’s extremely annoying because you either have to select the range of cells you want to print each time, or hide all the rows and columns you don’t want to print. Consider how Excel defines print areas as named ranges. The default print view for a worksheet should be the print are that you’ve defined, while still allowing the selection of Current Worksheet, Entire Workbook, or Selected Cells from the Print window. The other powerful thing about defining a Print Area as named range in Excel is the ability to use a formula to define a dynamic range for the print area.

If you can define and label multiple regions on a worksheet, then perhaps named ranges could also be included in a drop-down list of print options.

One thing I really don’t like about Google Sheets is that you can’t Save your print settings for a worksheet without first actually going through the print process and then canceling. There should be a Save Settings option along with the “Cancel” and “Print” buttons.

Pretty much everything else in the Google Sheets print settings is important and used.

When considering scheduled reports, selecting one or more print areas to include in the report would be useful (as either separate PDFs or a single combined PDF).

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Great suggestions here. We will revisit all of this in detail as soon as we have bandwidth to begin work on Print capabilities. A big feature and for sure a critical one.

I need help understanding how to print on / I do not see any printer options.

Welcome @Darius_Jaquan_Mayes!

As mentioned in this thread, our Print feature is under development and we expect to release it soon. Thanks for your patience.