Help designing a sheet importing a pdf to csv

Hi My name is Chuck, I designed my horse racing handicapping system ideas using google sheets. I am trying to learn how to cut my time down to make my system faster and I am trying to develop a way to import horse racing past performance data into the spreadsheet so I can build my system around the actual data. The problem I have is I use two types of pdf data either given for free or purchase. The first one is a daily racing past performance pdf file that can be downloaded and converted to csv, the problem I have is I am absolutely lousy and separating the data to fit exactly as the past performance data looks in regular pdf form or newspaper form. 2nd problem I have is when converted to csv, some of the data comes out does not look like numbers but code or latin symbols code. Is there anyone willing to help me with some of code that would be able to develop this to be able to download automatically to look as it is. I can send copies of the pdf’s I am looking to have done or help building a dashboard/template for. Any help would be so helpful. fivers and coders want to charge me huge dollars I do not have to do this???

Hi Chuck. My name is Cobus. I’m not that technically proficient yet that I can immediately just help you 100%. I do, however, love learning, improving other people’s lives and automating away the mundane. I have struggled with the same problem before but not to the extent I wanted or needed it done more than once, I was interested in self-taught explore how to do it. If you’re interested in “under the radar learn as I go about helping you” type of help, I’d be available with reasonable amount of time and zero cost. Warm regards :slight_smile:

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