My workspace has been moved to the Free plan and it lost

I received an email (13/03/24) from Spreadsheet said my workspace has been moved to the Free plan.
" What happens now?

  1. Your workspace has been downgraded to the Free plan.
  2. You no longer have access to Premium features.
  3. If you have more than 1500 rows or 1GB of attachments in a workbook, that workbook will become read only.
  4. Version history is no longer visible.
  5. Views can no longer be made private or locked.
  6. Gantt views and custom branding in Forms are no longer available."

I didn’t even know that I used Premium since I didn’t get charged. However, I check my worksheet after this email and my workspace is still there. Until today (27/03/24), I realized that I lost my work. I can’t find my work. I am so upset right now!

New recently created premium-trial workspaces are downgraded to FREE plan after a fortnight.

This downgrade does NOT result in loss of data.

@Nirada_Tarasapanan, you seem to have inadvertently created a new workspace on login via your gmail account very recently. However, you already have an account linked to email nira***a@c** which was created last year.

Presuming that you are not finding data on login via different account, request you to login from the correct account to find all workspace data.