Moving File between Workspaces

We have a company workspace. Sometimes we build a prototype sheet in our personal workspace. Than we want to move it over. But it doesn’t let us.

Only solution is to copy and paste. Can’t even duplicate and save it to the correct workspace.

Just putting this situation on Spreadsheet’s Teams radar. Maybe its a simple fix?

Yes - this has come up several times. It is on our radar - no ETA yet - But this should be available in the medium term.

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@Tim_Kim - For now, I move files between workspaces by first turning on “Public Sharing and Embedding” Then, when you view the worksheet using the “Public Share Link” you have the option to “Copy Workbook” in the upper right. When choosing the location for the file, you can select a different workspace. Finally, you can go into the original workbook and turn off public sharing. This is a round-about method but it works.


wow very nice! will do this for now. thank you.