Form view - format and check fields

Is it possible to format and check fields in forms before submission?
Some exemples:

  1. check if email is valid (has a @)
  2. show and check the phone number’s format the as: (nn) nnnnn-nnnn; where “n” can only be number’s char; but nnnnn-nnnn can have 9 or 8 numbers and the first “n” in these serie is optional.
  3. show and check a document id thas has format nnn.nnn.nnn-nn, where “n” can only be number’s char

To be able to check entries before submit is essencial for the data consistency.

Hello @Julio_Mafra , Welcome to the community!

We do not support custom validations as of now, but we have default validations for datatypes in place if the column types are marked as strict.

For example, in your case, you can make the email column which is used as field in the form as strict. It will enable the default email validation on that field. Similarly you can make the Number and Phone Number columns strict as well for data consistency.



Hi Rahul_Vinjamor,

Can I create HTML + Javascript form to save data in the sheet?

Julio Mafra

@Julio_Mafra - Allowing javascript would mean introducing a formal API to get/maniuplate data and form elements on the client side. This is longer term roadmap for us. Not just for forms, but also to bespoke app development on top of spreadsheet database data.

However, in the shorter term - we may add the ability to validate input using regex via ‘input validation’ mechanisms . I will update this space as we make progress. A second iteration of forms capabilities is being planned as we speak.

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@Julio_Mafra Do you already use a forms framework like Typeform/JotForm/WPForms? If yes, you can leverage our Zapier integration to have your existing forms submit data to

Zapier supports most of the famous forms frameworks including all mentioned above.

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Regex could be a nice solution.

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