E-mail automation on due date

How do I set up and automation so that when an specific activity (category) reaches its ‘’Starting Date’’ it triggers an auto e-mail to the assigned user.


Hi @Alejandro_Lago, This is a good use case for Automations. You can read more about automations here:

Specifically you’ll want to create a date-based trigger on your Starting Date column and have it fire a notification or Gmail-based email.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for your prompt response, but my understanding is those notifications are triggered by a Status change or a column value changes, in my cases I just want a reminder to the user to executed the planned and indented task (no column values is changing). I did not find how to do that.

Thank for letting me know


Hi @Alejandro_Lago,

You can do this using the “When a Date arrives” trigger type:

…then select the Date column to use to determine when to run the automation:

I See …many thanks !

And Happy New year!