Fill in spreadsheet and generate email or webhook

I imported a spreadsheet that has “headers” in the top 5 rows, and the first column contains the Date field which I’ve pre-popuated daily until 11/5 . This spreadsheet now just has one row (I manually entered data for that) so it looks something like this:

Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7 Col8 Col9 Col10
This is the Row 1 header…
This is the 2nd row header…
Third row header …
Fourth row header …
9/23/22 22 55 77 TBD 110 110 45 17 62

Objective: I would like to generate an email or a webhook everytime I generate a new row so that one or more people can get notified of the new numbers.


  1. Is is possible for me or someone else to edit the cells in the existing, now mostly blank spreadsheet directly (not via a form) and still trigger an email or webhook when a new row (say 9/24/22) is updated, or must I use a form to get one/both of those triggers to occur?

  2. If a Form is required to generate a “row created” trigger event, then I assume it will just append the data in the form to the next row by default.

  3. I have a DATE as the first column, I see there is a “Default Value” you can set for a form field. How do I specify the Current Data to be a default value? I assume that default value can be overridden by the form user too if I want them to be able to enter any date?

I think the answer is I must use a Form to trigger an automation event like a webhook/email. There must be a syntax for the current date (do I get to set my timezone?), and I’m sure I can allow them to override it if necessary.


@Mike_Sullivan - There is a recently released trigger type. “When a new row is created”


This is fired 3 minutes after data is entered for the first ever time into an empty row. The 3 minute delay is to ensure that meaningful data is entered into the row.

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Great to have this delay!

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