Course Registration / Sign Up System

I’m playing with ideas right now for creating a course registration template, which could be used for conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. Colleges typically have more advanced systems, so that really isn’t the use case.

Although it makes sense for a form to be used as the primary way an attendee would register for a course, I’m struggling with what to do about the following

  1. How will they know if they’ve already registered?
  2. How will they know what courses they’ve already signed up for?
  3. How do you prevent a course from filling up due to multiple registrations of the same user?

The spreadsheet would likely be publicly shared based on the link, rather than making each potential attendee a “User.”

I thought I’d mention this in the community forum to see if anyone has any ideas for how to make this work well. If I get feedback and help with this, it could be a useful template for the gallery.

When I get the first draft done, I’ll share it via a link here.


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