Copy Rows at Recurring Periods

Is there a way to copy rows from one sheet to another at specified intervals? I’d like to have rows that are updated copy over after all changes are made. When using the “When a Row is Updated” trigger, it copies every time a change is made, and only want the row copied once all cells are updated. And each time a change is made eats up another Automation count.

Or is there another way of doing this? I know one can setup a Button to run the automation but I can imagine forgetting to click it, especially if it’s a long row.


Hi @Chaz_Urbscaburb,

We don’t get have time delays on automation actions, but this is something to consider for our future roadmap.

Using a Button for this is a good idea, but your point is a good one that users may forget.

Another alternative might be triggering the automation on the right-most column if users tend to complete that data last, but it does suffer from a similar flaw in cases where users don’t fill in a value in that column.


Hey @matt,

First of all, am loving what I’ve seen so far. I’ve been looking for years for an app with database combined with spreadsheet functionality.

I actually figured an easy workaround to accomplish this. I inserted a formula column where I added 1 day to the “updated at” column. Then in the automation, chose “When” at current day 12AM, copy Row to another Worksheet. Works like a charm!

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Great solution @Chaz_Urbscaburb! :+1: :tada: