Community Contests with Prizes?

If I wanted to share credits earned from referrals with another user, how would I do that? I would need to see them in my workspace I think, so would it just be as simple as having them share a file with me?

I’m trying to figure out a fun way to use extra referral credits, perhaps as prizes or a contest or something. I know there are some legal issues with running contests, though. I’ve done that type of thing with Instagram for example, and they have some specific terminology you’re supposed to include in your contest details.

It might be fun for example to have an SSDC community contest where people can post suggestions and ideas and maybe give the post a month or two and whichever post got the most :hearts: could be the winner.

Or maybe there could be a “Challenge of the Month” post where people could reply in comments to supply ideas for how they’d solve it (commonly done on some blogs).

Anyway, just brainstorming for now.

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Yes the best way to do this today is to ask them to add you to a workbook or folder in their workspace as a Licensed User (Owner, Manager, or Collaborator). Once you are a Licensed User in a workspace you can transfer personal credit to that workspace. This works even when the other user’s workspace is on the Premium Trial or Free plan.

Love these ideas! We would like to promote and sponsor such contents with credits once the community becomes a bit bigger. They could also be a way to grow community participation. Thanks for sharing this, we will brainstorm here as well.