Can Gantt bar colors make sense?

Gantt bar colors currently appear to be determined from the “Status” column (and randomly from the ether if Status is not set - Maybe fossilized somehow from the demo/template Gantt sheet?..)

Is there any way to change those colors? (I’d rather have the color of the bars correspond to the responsible team, say, than the Status.)

You’d think these might be driven by Column K, which is named “Color” apparently just to psych out’s Gantt chart users, since it actually does do a lookup to the Teams sheet to populate the field with the teams assigned, but does NOT change the color! (Not sure how it should handle more than one team assigned - maybe stripes?)

I discovered that the Gant Appearance button has a field called “Taskbar Colors”, which is indeed set to pull from “C - Status”). BUT there appears to be no way to change this to point to another column, like say, “K - Color”.

This should just work - why doesn’t it? (BTW, I’m posting this as a reply, since apparently, this system doesn’t allow you to edit an already-edited comment - grrr…)

Hi @Dub_Dublin,

In the Gantt chart appearance settings dialog, the “Taskbar colors” dropdown allows you to select any column that has the Select data type. Make sure to change your “K - Color” column to the Select data type (double click the column header to do this).

Hi @matt
That doesn’t work without scrogging the linkages already built into the Gantt sheet. Column K in a Gantt sheet template (“Roadmap” sheet) does represent the color info I want, but it’s not input there - it’s actually a lookup (“Related Row Lookup”) that looks up the proper color from the Teams sheet. (This seems to be intelligent behavior worth keeping, so I don’t want to just brute-force a color via a Status.)

So I’m still stuck. Any advice on how to ACTUALLY make this work?

The only way currently to make this work is to select a Select column to base task bar colors on, or to choose a hard-coded color. Sorry there is no other option for this today.