Customizable Icon Sets for Multiselect and Select Cell types

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Is there a way we can make our own icons for the MULTISELECT and SELECT cell types? I am creating an operations overseer sheet to manage a variety of work related to storm water pollution. This work is separated into four categories. I have a colored symbol for each category of work. It would be cool to be able to import these some how as an icon set so I can select the symbol(s) using the MULTISELECT cell type for the work associated with a task. It would make it easier than attaching and detaching images in a cell as tasks change. This also adds a visual appeal and ability to condense column sizes compared to writing what the task type is. I find this important because in GANTT VIEW space is everything to fit as much info on the screen as possible.

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Hi @Martin_Estrada_Jr, absolutely. We do this with some templates and internally using emojis.

Easiest way to do this: When editing options for a MULTISELECT or SELECT, right click the option input field and choose “Emojis and symbols” as shown here:

That’s it – insert emojis in your text wherever you want them to appear. They will then be used automatically in cells, Kanban views, forms, row dialogs, etc.

For an example, you may want to check out the Country column in the Locations worksheet of the Simple Applicant Tracking template:

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That is really cool! Are the emojis based on what you have on your computer or is it built into If I wanted to add some custom emojis somehow, is that possible?

The former. Emoji’s are part of the Unicode standard and therefore supported by all major browsers and operating systems today: Full Emoji List, v14.0 does not yet support the ability to create custom icons that can be used like this, though it is something we may explore in the future, in particular with our Icon Set data type.

Meanwhile, we have seen people write formulas/column formulas that return references to attachment cells – this is a way to achieve what you are aiming for with a bit of formula writing (i.e. to show attachment thumbnails based on data in the row).

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Thank you, that does help.

If SSDC is using the browser to render emojis, then something to be aware of is that the exact appearance of the emoji may depend on the browser and operating system you are using.

Also, in addition to including unicode characters within Select and Multiselect data types, you can usually use them within formulas and directly within cells. See the following article for examples (related to Excel, but it applies to also):

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