Are and Airtable related?

Are and Airtable related? They look very, very similar in so many ways (from field types to even this Community board!).

I’m trying to decide between the two, but it’s difficult as I like the permissions structure here but I also feel like there are some things missing in comparison. is an independent company and product that shares similarities to a number of collaborative work tools.

Regarding Airtable specifically, the primary difference is that is a fully functional traditional spreadsheet with the capabilities of an easy to use relational database, while Airtable is a relational database with some characteristics of a spreadsheet. More details here: Comparison between Spreadsheet & AirTable

The Community board runs on Discourse, a popular community platform also used by Airtable.

Hope this helps. We’d be happy to connect directly to answer any specific questions about permissions, the differences between our product and others, etc. You can contact us via email at