A CRM with linked tasks and subtasks

I am currently evaluating Spreadsheet.com for my company, and liking what I see. Currently I am trying to understand how we might use it for our initial use case. In order for your product to replace our current workflow, we need to build a CRM with tasks. I’ve been looking at your Simple CRM starter and it’s mostly there, but need some guidance on how you think we should tie tasks to each opportunity.

Basically we have several tasks we need to track tied to each opportunity. For example, when I create an opportunity I would need to track outreach tasks such as emailing them, setting up meetings, etc. As the opportunity passes through various phases, then new tasks would be created and assigned, such as creating and revising proposals, etc. There are multiple team members that would be assign to various tasks. Ideally tasks would be synced to Google Calendar.

My question is: How do you recommend setting up a system like this? Use a separate sheet for tracking tasks? If so, could you create a task from the Opportunities sheet? I know we could use automations for creating some canned tasks, but many we would need to create manually. Or would we manage the opportunities status from the tasks sheet?


@Chad_Specter - The way I would recommend this is

  1. Create a separate Sheet for Opportunity Tasks
  2. Turn on Proj Mgmt on the Opportunity Tasks ( create a Gantt View)
  3. Create at 1:n relation between Opportunity : Opportunity Tasks
  4. Create a button column on Opportunities Sheet called ‘Create Tasks’
  5. Create an automation to run when the button is clicked - to create X canned tasks.
    ( Use a condition on the automation to run only if a ‘Tasks Created’ column value is not TRUE. You can keep that column as hidden in the Opportunities sheet)

  1. For each canned task, fill in the Row values in the automation definition. Do not forget to link the Opportunity to the newly created Task in the Row definition of the automation…

You will be able to create linked Tasks that look like this

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OK, thanks, I will try this out and report back.

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