Dynamic referencing of worksheets

Does Spreadsheet.com support a functionality similar to Excel’s dynamic referencing for accessing data from multiple sheets within the same workbook? Specifically, I’m looking for a way to reference cell data across different sheets dynamically using formuls in a cell, where the sheet names can be specified in a cell and the formula adjusts automatically to pull data from these sheets. If so, could you please provide details or guidance on how to implement this feature?
I have a few sheets namely, 35867, 32586, 42569 etc.

Hi, yes the syntax for cross-sheet formulas is the same in Spreadsheet.com as it is in Excel and Google Sheets

When I use the formula : =INDIRECT(A2 & “!” & $H$40) , it gives a value error. When I hard code the sheet number it gives correct data. pls assist.

We have identified this as a product-issue when using Sheet names with numerals within INDIRECT function, will work towards resolving it at the earliest. Defect# 006761.

This issue is now resolved.

Write formula as: =INDIRECT(A2 & “!$H$40") , if you just want the sheet-name to be dynamically decided and cell-reference to remain same i.e. $H$40.

Thank you. It is ok now.