Worksheet out of sync - unable to edit or drag formulae

I built a worksheet yesterday that links to another worksheet within the same workbook. The formulae worked fine for the first hour or so, after which I was unable to drag or edit any of the formulae without getting the “Worksheet out of sync” message. I saw another topic from two weeks ago ask a similar question, but the comments don’t have the solution listed. Any help appreciated!

Hi Deepak_VS,

We are currently investigating this issue. So that we can have better correspondence on this, request you to also open a support ticket by writing to

I had the same “Worksheet out of sync” message. What was causing my problem is that I had set up one of my columns with a drop-down select list, and somehow an “Empty” select option was inserted into one of my records. Once I removed the EMPTY from the SELECT dropdown, this resolved the issue. The IT team at figured this out for me and got back to me within 24 hours, which super impressed me.

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Thanks, @Corey_Ackerman! That doesn’t seem to be the issue on my sheet, but I’m sure their team is on top of it.

@msiraj looks like a ticket has been opened. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

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