Why is it that my time don't save/show in my Calendar Day view?

I’m trying to add tasks in my calendar with a start time but it never get saved/show in my Calendar Day view. even if i try to set up a time from the day view by clicling on the desire time it does not get saved. In a nuttshell i’m unable to set times for my dayly tasks.


Hi @Alejandro_Lago,

We are aware of a relatively rare instance where this might happen that is currently being investigated. Meanwhile, can you share the steps you took to create an event in the calendar view or otherwise?

Note that you will need both a Start and End date configured in your calendar view in order for tasks to appear at the proper hours in Day view:


…results in this:

THe Type field is lock to Date…so there is no way for me to set the time

This is also a current limitation of Date columns used in worksheets with Project Management enabled. We will soon be adding the ability to convert such Date columns to Date & time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

So we currently cannot set tasks by time in the Project Managment worksheet?

Hi Alejandro,

Thank you for highlighting this use case and feature enhancement we need to address. My name is Thomas and I lead Customer Success here so I thought I would jump in to help with your most recent question.

Currently, we can’t edit columns that are being used already for the “Project Management Settings”. However, you do have the ability to create a new “Date/Time” column and redirect the PM settings to point to the new column.

I’ve included a short Loom video below where I walk through how to do this:

Please let me know if you have any further questions about this process and we would be happy to help assist further.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

I tried that but when a move my task to a diffrent date in the calendar then the “Date/Time” column does not follon onto the new date…I would have to change it manually …defeat the purpuse of the dradte and drop to change the date withtin the calendar no ?

Thank you for the video…i got it know …thanks !

Hi Alejandro,

Glad to hear this is working for you and we will also follow up here once we have updated the feature to allow users to adjust “Data Type” for existing Project Management columns.

Is there a way I can change the setting of the working day start Time & Lenght ?

I did exacly what you explained in video but when I look at my Calendar Daily View the task is not showing where the time is set

Hi Alejandro,

Could you please check the “End Date” column being used in the Project Management settings? This would also need to be updated using the similar method used for adjusting the “Start Date/Time” referenced in the video above.

If that is still not working for you please let us know.