VLookUp not showing data

Greetings & Happy Holidays,

Lately, when I go to my spreadsheet, my VLookUp information is showing blank:

I haven’t changed anything, and it’s happening on various web browsers (Firefox & Chrome).

thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.
talk soon.

sometimes if i “re” apply a filter, or sort it’ll “flip-flop”, and the ones that were blank will show up, and the ones that were showing, will turn blank:

@benjamin_gunter seek more details to troubleshoot this issue. Have verified basic test-cases around VLOOKUP formula ( also covered sorted/filtered/sorted+filtered views ) and found all to be functioning as expected.

So as to help us identify root cause, request you to recreate this issue on a test workbook and share access with us.

okay. i just made a copy of the workbook.
how do i share it with you?

thanks again for your assistance to this.

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when I click to refresh the screen, you’ll see that all the fields are populated, but then once it finishes the refresh, they just disappear.

We have identified the incorrect behavior is due to a regression issue in VLOOKUP formula evaluation in the specific scenario where lookup-range is specified as cross-sheet range & current sheet view is sorted. Tracking this as #004765 & will address it shortly.

As a workaround, request you to consider using XLOOKUP function instead of VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP.


Thanks for helping with this issue!

the XLookup works really well! i’ll use this method moving forward.

thanks again!
talk soon.