I was hoping to be able to use these to functions together, but it doesn’t give the result
2021-02-20 17.48.49 a57bd38071e0
this does work in Google Sheets
2021-02-20 17.52.59 be8bfd9e9d8f

thanks for any advice in advance


Yes - I was looking at this approach in response to your previous post ( rollup ) and we found the bug with SPLIT. We’ll be fixing this in short order - will update here with the defect ID. I wanted to collect some more info before replying. Stay tuned please.

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SPLIT function not working as expected is being tracked as defect # 003225. I expect the fix to be rolled out in short order. Will update this thread when the fix is available on production.

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Thanks @Murali_Mohan and team! This issue has been fixed as of our February 27, 2021 update.