Using FORM to enter data for GANTT view makes Duration calculate wrong initially

Hello I have a form that can be filled out that will add tasks to a GANTT view. There are two issues however. When the form is submitted with a start and end date tied to the corresponding GANTT columns, the duration will not calculate and appear blank. To get around this I created an automation with another hidden column to change the start date and then change it back which then makes the duration column calculate.

This brings me to the 2nd issue. The calculated duration is 1 day shorter than it is supposed to be. If I change the end date manually by clicking in the cell it will calculate correctly but only after I do that. To show what I mean look at Test A and Test B in this picture. Test A is the duration calculated before editing the end date. Test B is the end date after editing the cell. I changed B by 1 day and the duration changed by 2 to correct itself. I’ve had a 100% success rate in duplicating this error. I have duplicated nearly 2 dozen times. Once the end date in the row is edited, it works perfectly, but before then is when the numbers do not match.

Hi @Martin_Estrada_Jr , we’re tracking the form issue as issue # 004490 and will update this thread as soon as we have a resolution.

Regarding the calculated duration issue being 1 day shorter than it’s supposed to be, it is likely that the date range includes a non-working day, and hence the calculated duration value ignores that day. Can you check your Project Management settings for this worksheet to see if your range for this task includes a non-working day?

All 7 days are checked as working days.

Got it thank you, this helps. We’re tracking this as issue # 004491 and will respond here as soon as we have a resolution. Thanks for your patience with these issues!

Issue #004491 is resolved now with the latest upgrade.