Use API to create workbook and publish with link to edit

It’s my understanding that the spreadsheet com API allows you to create a new workbook, but I’m wondering if that workbook can be created from a template and if so is it possible to create that template and publish the workbook and grab the URL that anyone can view and edit that spreadsheet that was just created. I plan on embedding a spreadsheet workbookinto an internal CRM, with each record having its own separate spreadsheet, where the user doesn’t have to log into spreadsheet com it’s just automatically displayed. I’ve looked for this capability on Google sheets, API Zoho Sheet API, Excel API, and I don’t find any of them that support it and hoping that does support such capability.

Hello Tim,

We currently do not support creating workbooks via API. But, this is definitely part of our medium-term roadmap. We do allow creating worksheets via API and in your case each record could be a worksheet if that works. However, the worksheet will not be available for anonymous view & edit.