URL field with conditional formatting as a button

As an user, I would like to create a “product page”, I would like to format my card view and URL field could be displayed as a button. The URL could be a form link with a pre-filled field taken from a card (row data), therefore, a customer could purchase product/ book a meeting and so on.

Looking forward to your an overview of the product roadmap as well so that we wouldn’t be too pushy :))

Lots of work ahead of you guys, so good luck.

Welcome to Spreadsheet.com and the community.

Consider the “Inventory Management” template. Adding a column with column formula as follows, helps getting a column with “Buy” link, but I don’t see a way to show this similarly in Card view. Will consult with team if this is possible.

A column contains SKU in this case.

HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("https://myecommercesite.com/buy?sku=",A), "Buy")