URL Cell as actual Link

For cells that have the URL Data Type, it should let me select that cell, and give me the ability to click something (a pop-up?) to actually go/jump to that link in the browser. (Google Sheets works this way)

Currently, i have to double-click to edit into the cell, select-all and copy the URL (like it’s plain text), then paste it into a new tab in the browser. It’s just way too many steps

Enhancements to URL cells like you mention here are being planned as we speak. We should see them in production in the near future.

But in the meantime, You can click on the text ( single click) and you should see this popup which lets you navigate to the location.


However, I see that this is NOT working when the URL field is right aligned (as in your case).
This is a bug and I have logged #004040 to track.


AH yes - My data is Right-Aligned.

Great to know it’s there - but it’s just a bug :slight_smile:


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@ttorimoto we have fixed this issue with latest upgrade, request you verify it.