Unusual results in one tab when copy/pasting into another

I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs in it. The first tab had 1149 rows of data, and the second two had various numbers of rows. I created a new tab and expanded the number of rows to 2900 in order to accommodate data that I copied from a local Excel file (the data was about 2700 rows or so). The paste seemed to work perfectly. My data was all in its place and looked great. I went on to some other data cleanup that I needed to do, and clicked over to the first, original tab. Suddenly, my data there was truncated to a little over 600 rows, and at first I thought it was just cutoff at the end, but it was missing data sporadically throughout the sheet. I had the data saved locally, so there’s no worry about data loss, but it was alarming. I used the ‘add 100 rows’ button to see if maybe the data was just hidden, but it did not appear - just 100 blank rows showed up.

I tried refreshing the page, but there was no change initially. I went on to do some other work, and a few minutes later went back to the tab and it was almost back to normal. Now it has regained most of the missing rows again. It has 1147, when originally it had 1149. I have no idea which 2 rows are missing - I’d have to do a deep dive to figure that out. I clicked the ‘add 100 rows’ button again, and again it showed me just 100 blank new rows, but the numbering was way off. It went from row 1147 directly to row 1827. Again I tabbed away and worked on other things, and when I went back and looked the next time, I was back to 1147 rows (the new added rows were gone). That’s where it stands right now.

Is there something I should have done to avoid this problem, or is this something anyone else has seen before? Or have I found a genuine bug in my adventures?

Thanks in advance for any advice/information :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry about this misadventure. We are looking into it and will get back to you soon.

Thank you very much for the reply, looking forward to learning more about this! :slightly_smiling_face:

We do have a server-side limit enforced where we create a maximum of 1000 rows on the fly. E.g. if you have a sheet with 100 rows and paste 1500, 1400 rows would have to be created on the fly. This will result in an error and a failed operation. We plan to relax this limit at a later date.

However, in your case, you mention that you grew the sheet to 2900 before doing the paste which is perfectly fine and accommodates the 2700 rows that pasted as you noticed. Our logs show that you did encounter this server-side limit once for a “Sheet 7” on workbook named “State Le… …grity” (truncated for privacy).

My fellow engineer will be looking into your issue. If you are willing please share the workbook with msiraj[at]spreadsheet[dot]com.

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I did experience the 1000-row limitation that you mentioned, but that was separate from this other experience. I didn’t mention it in this thread because I had already found the info about the limit after I first experienced it and didn’t think it was related at the time (though I could be wrong on that front).

Unfortunately I don’t think I can share the spreadsheet right now, but I have completely changed the tabs since then anyway, and I removed the ones that had wonky results in them, but thank you so much for getting back to me about the problem!

My guess is that it would be pretty easy to duplicate the problem. If I have time later I’ll try to do it again in a new spreadsheet of sample data and I’ll send you the information when I have time over the weekend.

Hi @Mia , thank you for your patience and your willingness to help us pinpoint this issue. There are a couple other options that could help a lot if you’re up for either of these (please don’t feel obligated at all, they would just help us to narrow in on the problem faster):

  1. Record a Loom video of your experience so we can watch and replicate on our end
  2. Schedule a Zoom or Google Hangout with us to show us the problem so we can take it back to the lab

If either of these would work feel free to email us info@spreadsheet.com


P.S. Hats off to my teammates @santosh and @msiraj for jumping in to take a look here.

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