Unable to Upload .xlsx File exported from Microsoft Dynamics

Having trouble getting an .xlsx file to upload. This file is a table exported from Microsoft Dynamics CRM originally.

Repro steps

  1. From Home, select Import from Microsoft Excel
  2. Select the file from my PC
  3. See Password Protected Error, but there is no password I can find on the file.
  4. After a few minutes, get “unable to load workbook” error message

I’ll try removing some of the formatting in the file and see if that helps.

Thanks for reporting this Noah. If you are willing, and it’s possible for you to send us a version of the file without any confidential or identifying data, we’d love to take a look and debug. You can send it to support@spreadsheet.com.

Either way we’ll take a look at the logs on our end to see what we can find.

Thank you. We’re tracking this internally as issue #001534 and will add to this thread when we have updates to share.


Could you try importing a file exported from Dynamics CRM using the option “Static worksheet with records from this page”?

Any other option used during export actually exports an XML which you subsequently save as Excel. This file is understandable by Excel but we fail to parse it (internal content differs).

As part of resolution for bug #001534 we will correct the error message.


I know Netsuite does this also ( defaults to an xml on export), perhaps other CRMs. Is there a convert function in excel we should use vs just “save as” to a workbook?

Thanks for the hint, Sandy.

If you open said file in Excel and do a “Save As” under a different file name (with .xlsx format), Excel rewrites the file in their own format. Apparently they don’t do that with “Save” on the same file.
Once that is done, the file is importable in SSDC.

Give it a try, I was able to import Noah’s file following these steps.

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