Trying to enter Return/NewLine in Cell is very inconsistent

Trying to enter Return/NewLine in Cell is very inconsistent.
In a cell, when I try to enter multiple lines of text (using Shift+Enter), most of the time I can’t get it to work - it instead throws me to select the cell above.
It SEEMS more problematic if there is existing text in there already and I want to add more lines; in a fresh new/blank cell, it seems to work better.

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Shift+Enter will perform Return/NewLine whenever we opened the cell editor with Double click on the cell.

@ttorimoto Please use Alt + Enter to add a newline to the text in a cell.
Shift+Enter should take you to the cell above - But it does not seem to be consistently doing it - There seem to be some circumstances in which Shift+Enter also seems to be adding a newline. That is confusing behaviour. Logged Defect 004017 to track.

Thanks @ttorimoto for pointing this out!

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