Time without seconds not recognized as time data type

When I enter 10:30 am or 10:30 into a cell, SSC treats it as a string. If I enter 10:30:00, it recognizes it as a time.

I would think that times are often entered without seconds and therefore they should be able to be entered as such.

For clarification.
Cell A1 contains 10:30 am
Cell A2 contains =ISNUMBER(A1)
Cell A2 outputs FALSE

We do not have a Time datatype. What you saw with 10:30:00 is the Duration datatype. 10 hours and 30 mins.

We are making improvements to the Duration datatype currently - Essentially the input parser. So you should see 10:30 being accepted. These enhancements are expected to be rolled out in a few weeks’ time.

Also I believe several people have asked for Time datatype - I think it is essentially a date-less time construct.
→ 5/21/2021 + <9.00 am> = 5/21/2021 + 9.00 am
→ <9.00 am> + 1 = 9:00 am // rolls over, but does not add a date.
→ <9.00 am> + .1 = 11:24 am // Adding one-tenth of a day.

It make sense to add it to the roadmap.

If I typed 10:30 am, I would expect it to be recognized as a time of day. If I typed 10:30, a duration probably makes more sense but that’s not what I would have expected given my history of using Excel/Sheets.

This seems to be a departure from Excel/Sheets, but it is a hassle to work with duration/time in those programs so perhaps this could make it easier.

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I agree. Introduction of Time Datatype will fix the ‘10:30 am’ issue. I think 10:30 resolving to a Time also makes sense given how other spreadsheets behave. However an already ‘Duration Typed’ cell/column should resolve 10:30 to a duration. That would be a good solution.

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