Text Data Type Interpreting "274E13" as Number

I was wanting to store the text β€œ274E13” inside a cell because it represents an html color code value. But of course this is also a way of specifying 274*10^13. Anyway, turns out that even if you declare the cell as a β€œText” data type, you still can’t enter β€œ274E13” into the cell without it converting to the number.

I got around this by entering β€œ#274E13”, but thought it was worth reporting the bug.

Thanks for sharing your findings.Tracking this as #001586

Issue #001586 has been fixed as of our June 6th 2020 release.

e.g. When a cell has the Text data type, entering 274E13 in the cell will not result in Spreadsheet.com trying to convert it to a number.