Template that could be used by salon to manage appointments

First off, I love what you have done already with the platform, I can see how this could be used in a variety of contexts. One fairly common small business use-case where I think this tool could really be useful is as a light CRM that could be used to manage a hair or nail salon. Has anyone created a template that could be used in that way? You could then integrate with Twillio via Zapier to manage reminders and could perhaps track purchased products and services.

Thank you @Christopher_Hurt!

We do have customers using Spreadsheet.com to manage retail operations, however, we do not yet have a template specifically for hair or nail salon CRM. We are actively building new templates and always looking for new ideas like this. Some other CRM-specific templates are under development, and we recently published the first version of our Fundraising CRM template here: Fundraising CRM | Spreadsheet.com Templates

Agree, Zapier support opens up a lot of use cases with Spreadshee.com.