Target a cell for styling

Strange request, but in lieu of their being proper conditional formatting or the more robust comment/notification center, I was looking to be able to use a 3rd party extension to target cells with messages to apply a specific styling via CSS.

I’m having the hardest time isolating the CSS class or whatever identifier is used to add the little orange triangle to the cell that indicates a comment exists. Is there someone that can help me pinpoint that so that I can write a custom style to make them more apparent?

Test _ Sheet1 -


@Jesse_Wallace - Not a strange request :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you cannot apply CSS rules as the spreadsheet grid is rendered using Canvas technology & not html.

However, we are preparing to start work on Notifications feature-set ( rollout ~2 months away) - so it would be good if you could detail what you are trying to achieve.
For eg:

  1. List with hyperlinks to all / unresolved comments in the Sheet?
  2. Unread comments?
  3. Mechanism to navigate through all/some comments?

All of the above.

I’m a SSDC evangelist, trust me, but collaboration with comments/notifications is probably the worst aspect of the software right now. It’s in such a state that we don’t rely on comments directly in the software to provide feedback both internally and with clients.

I think if you follow suit of how Figma, Airtable and Slite, there should be plenty of best-in-class inspiration there.

  • Biggest thing is a consolidated center where you can see all comments, click on them and them deliver you directly to interact with said comment
  • Threaded comments are a massive plus
  • Resolving comments in some fashion to “remove the indicator” should probably also be considered

Thanks @Jesse_Wallace we hear you and you are not alone in your frustration with the state of comments and notifications. That’s why we are moving it up in terms of priority in our roadmap and we aim to work on a V2 of comments, with resolution support, within the next few months. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience as we work toward this.

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