Summing All Subtotals in Grouping

First: LOVE grouping. Congrats on launching it. This is next level.

Question: is it possible to automatically sum all rows within a table that are being subtitled in grouping? AirTable can do this and I’m just wondering if I’m missing in obvious way to do this in SSDC as of now.

For instance, I’m using grouping to subtotal a bunch of records. Is it possible for the table to total all of my subtotals?

It’s not a big deal for us as we can easily sum the entire table above the header rows. But just curious.


Thanks for the feedback. We are considering adding a floating Summary row at the bottom.

But yes, you can always sum the Columns up in the Header region using subtotal etc.
A friendlier way to do Column summations using ‘Column Name notation’ is in the roadmap as well.
So, you could use =Max([Invoice Amount]) etc.
And also use =[Price] x [Quantity] in Column formulae.


Oh great, I’ll look out for that!

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