SUBTOTAL needs to ignore other subtotal calculations

SUBTOTAL does not appear to be ignoring other SUBTOTAL values (one of the main reasons to use the subtotal function). Consider the following example:


Thanks! We are tracking this internally as 001978. Will follow up on this thread when resolved.

@Vertex42 We’re pleased to report that as of today’s update the SUBTOTAL function now ignores other SUBTOTAL expressions in the given range.


The SUBTOTAL function does not appear to be working with the DESCENDENTCELLS function and indenting. In the following example, the rows labeled Product 1 and Product 2 use the formula =SUBTOTAL(9,DESCENDANTCELLS()). The formula is also used in the Income row, which should ignore the other subtotals. See the following example:


Yes, SUBTOTAL function is incorrectly considering other SUBTOTAL results in this particular scenario. We will be addressing this issue in an upcoming product update (Tracking as #001978).

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