Start//Finish dates not updating when changing dependency?

Hi - not sure if it is me doing something wrong, or a bug. As I am updating dependencies I noticed that 1) dates in table aren’t updating/cascading and 2) bars in Gantt chart not updating position. Specific example - I have a task that I used the bars to drag dependency to another task, the dependent task date still shows as due before the parent task (EDIT - appears to have resolved upon reload sheet). In other examples I have a task with a 1 day duration that is showing a finish date several days after the parent task. Do all the fields update regardless of which field changes?

Thanks for reporting this Ozzy and for your patience with these issues. We’re actively working on a set of improvements and fixes to project management columns (including start date, end date, duration, etc.) and the Gantt view. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have more to share.