Spreadsheet owner and workspaces


How this could be possible?
I am an owner of the spreadsheet but it’s located in another person’s workspace.
And I couldn’t move it to my workspace.

Hi @Egor_Semionychev,

It looks like you have access to more than one workspace as a creator. When you create a spreadsheet (i.e. workbook) the creation dialog will ask you where you want to create it. This will determine where it lives.

Based on your screenshots, since you are the Owner of the TEAM_PROJECT_MANAGEMENT workbook one of the following things happened:
A) you created it and selected Polina’s Workspace for the location (it may have been preselected if this is the first workspace you have creator access to) or …
B) someone else created it there and assigned you as an Owner

There is not yet a direct way to move workbooks from one Workspace to another. This is something we have planned in our short-term roadmap.

However, there is currently an indirect way you can move the workbook:

  1. Open the workbook
  2. Click the Share button in the upper right
  3. At the bottom of the dialog click Public sharing and embedding
  4. Click the checkbox in the upper right to enable this
  5. Copy the Public share link and open it in a different browser window
  6. Click Copy workbook in the upper right and choose the correct destination for this workbook
  7. Go back to the original and disable public sharing and embedding (you may also want to delete this version if it should no longer live in that workspace).

Hope this helps. We will have a simpler process for this soon. Meanwhile if you have trouble following these steps please let us know and we will provide a screen recording to show it in action.


this is good to know!
looking forward to seeing the ability to copy Workbooks to different Workspaces.