Sorting by 'Select' Column

When sorting a column that has the ‘select’ data type, the sort options are only based on the default select categories and not the created ones. This is also an issue in the automations as well.

It is the filter setting, not sort.

@Martin_Estrada_Jr - Welcome!

“Created Ones” - By this you mean the Select Items that are created inline from the Cells right?


I can actually see them in the Filter UI.

Is your Workbook based out of any template? If yes - could you tell us which one?

BTW, I see Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Column A - Index.
Are you naming them manually? Or using a Formula or something?

I have often wondered if a WBS datatype makes sense, - which has settings to automatically name the Rows.


I used the Legal Due Diligence Request List Template. For the WBS, I am naming them manually.

Hello and welcome @Martin_Estrada_Jr

This could happen if the select options in certain cells were added at the cell or range level rather than at the column level. In other words, someone may have edited the data type of a cell or range of cells rather than the actual column. In this case the options added at the cell/range level would not appear in column level filtering in the View or in Automations.

Can you double click the column header for your Status column and verify that all the options are defined there at the column level? You should see an “Update Column” dialog:


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That seemed to be the issue. Everything appears correct now when I filter. Thank you!