Slowed Performance

Hey everyone!

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that my spreadsheet is taking longer and longer to save, update, or sync. This could definitely be something that I have done incorrectly, or maybe I’ve linked too many variables in my data and it’s bogging everything else down, but I was curious if it was occurring for anyone else? A few others that use my spreadsheet have noticed a slowdown on their ends as well.

Does anybody have any tips or tricks that you’ve learned to keep the pages updating and syncing quickly? Sometimes I will update a few things, and then it will just clear the entire spreadsheet out and say “unable to load workbook” or “workbook out of sync” and I will have to make the changes over again after refreshing. Sometimes my spreadsheet will just have “Working…” at the top for a few minutes at a time. Am I just overloading my spreadsheet? Should I possibly put some of the data into a second workbook and just let it pull from there? Any input will be appreciated.

Thank you!

@Blythe_Bloot - We have noticed perf issues with one of your spreadsheets. Can you please contact support at / cc murali at - so that we can help you organise your data & formulas better?

Will do, thank you @Murali_Mohan !!

Hi @Blythe_Bloot,

After following up via email and thanks to your shared workbook, we were able to identify and improve the performance of the formula engine in in order to address some of the issues you were seeing. I wanted to check back in with you here to confirm you are seeing the improved performance and also for the benefit of others following this thread.


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Hello, Matt!

I have seen improved performance. I appreciate you reaching out! It was definitely more on my end than anything. Thank you guys for all your help!

Thank You,