Show the "Working" Notice when Recalculating (> 1 second)

I have a spreadsheet (Amortization Schedule) that uses many formulas and currently it’s difficult to know whether SSDC is still trying to recalculate the worksheet after I make a change, or whether it is done with the recalculation.

I would recommend showing the following notice when the recalculation is taking longer than 1 second. Currently, it’s taking up to about 3-4 seconds to recalculate when I change the inputs. That’s not a terrible amount of time to wait, but I think it needs a progress bar of some sort.


I’m not sure what the ideal delay would be, but I think you want the “Working” notice to pop up before you start to wonder why nothing is changing. You could start with 1 second and see if that is too long or too short.

So 2 things.

  1. Amortisation Schedule perhaps has a lot of Cross sheet references. (I’m recounting from my experience with Workbooks of similar nature found in the internet - including probably your own template) Currently Cross-Sheet ref calculation is slower in the clientside. This is something we will work on soon.

  2. Yes. ‘Recalculating formulas…’ progress indicator is being planned.

No cross-sheet references in this one. I’ve shared an example that you can try.

Yes I saw the lag. I also downloaded the file from v42 and checked it out in Excel - there is no appreciable lag in Excel.

It may interest you to know that in 2008, Google Sheets was not able to handle this amortization schedule at all. It couldn’t handle the 300+ rows and multiple columns of sequential calculations. I had to create a simplified version with a schedule that was only annual. So, SSDC is doing pretty well, 3-4 seconds isn’t too bad, and it will help to have the progress indicator.

(GS can handle it now just fine, but it took quite a few years before it was able to).

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