Sharing link to a worksheet as a web browser page

Is it possible to generate a link to a worksheet that can be opened (for e.g. from a Commenter or Viewer) without creating an account in Spreadsheet (as a web browser page)?
Thank you

Yes there are multiple ways to do this:

  1. Enable public sharing and embedding to share a read only view of the workbook. Details here:

  2. Enable link sharing with the “Anyone with the link” setting, set permission level “Viewer”, and make sure the “Enable anonymous viewing” is turned on. Details here:


Hello @matt,
Thank you I will try it!

Hello @matt,
I tried it and work well!, but I wondering if is it possible to get a link as a Commenter without need to register account in Spreadsheet?
Thank you

Hi @fn_a, No, it is not possible to be an anonymous Commenter or Editor, by design. Currently this is not something we are planning to add in the short term.

And why not? Your users demand it and with your example of vendors, contacts and cintactors, it is a security breach for some of them to register. Your users are paying for collaboration, not a way for you to collect info. I know many who will not collaborate if they are forced to put in their full info and password…It is up to your users to determine our own policy on access, not yours.