Sharing abd embedding

When sharing a table in Kaban view, with four stacks only three stacks are shown in the shared version.


Working on the table I see all four stacks.

And this is shown in the shared version, the last one is shown but empty:

Shared tabel:

The code

seems not to work in WordPress. The page remains empty, the table should be visible after Hallo, here VETNET members – VETNET

Any hint on how to get both things running smoothely are welcome.


Hello @Christof_Nagele welcome to

You can add iframe element and add src pointing to our View URL, something like below

<iframe width="800px" height="400px" src=""></iframe>

I just tried in your webpage it does works, see the screenshot attached for your reference, please try out and let us know how it goes.


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Also about your last stack ( P-> Z) and uncategorized stack being empty on page load seems like a bug, there is a workaround for this issue ,you can open the sort dialog and click apply again, you will see all cards loads and sort them. We are tracking this issue as a bug internally with tracking ID BUG-004584, we shall let you know when this issue is fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.


This seems to be a problem with WordPress as it deletes automatically <iframe width="800px" height="400px" src=""></iframe> when entered as HTLM-code. The code works with other websites.

Your’s is a hosted site. It seems that you cannot have an iframe embedded. See

This is possible with a custom installation of wordpress community edition on your own hosting.

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We have fixed the bug 004584 in the latest update, you can see that all cards loads just fine in your Kanban view.


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