Share worksheet contents only - not menus, etc

Is there a way to embed a worksheet but have only the table itself visible? If I don’t want users to see all the menus, etc. but just a clean table. I can’t see how to do this if it is an option.


Makes sense. Tracking as 005181

@John_TeSelle - Quick questions,
When you say menus etc, do you mean 1 , 2 or 3 or all of them?

#1, which is the View Side bar allows you to switch between views in a worksheet. We have ‘Sharing a View only’ in our roadmap already - So when that happens, #1 would not be available any way.

Ideally it would be good to show just the contents of the table, without row numbers and perhaps with or without column identifiers. Just a cleaner way to embed the critical data in another page without it looking like a spreadsheet.

On the same subject – is there a way to eliminate the letters in the column names? If this were being displayed somewhere else it would be nice to hide those for display purposes.

This would be sort of like the “publish to the web” option for Google Sheets.

I agree with this request, at the very minimum being able to lock the view without the Views pane would be great, but ideally having the option to hide each of the elements by way of url would be even better, something like this: (only data) (view pane only)
The main idea is to be able to display the data cleanly on a TV screen, for management to view, they don’t need nor want to see the gears of the engine, they just want to see the results, in a clean cut way.

@Julio_Bastidas - With you totally. We are working on a quick and easy ‘Share View’ functionality - This should be covered as part of it.
“The main idea is to be able to display the data cleanly on a TV screen,” - Speaking of, we are working on our Dashboards & Reports features and these are tailor made for such use-cases. With these, you can pull data from different sheets as well.