Roles - Editor: Filtering

Wondering if there might be some thought to allow people with the Role of Editor the ability to Filter views. Wondering what the thought was to not allow them to be able to Filter a View they have access to.

thanks in advance.

If you need Editor-level users to have the ability to create and change filters, sorts, hidden columns, etc., on views, and create entirely new views, this is where we recommend the “Collaborator” role or above.

A few of the reasons Editors cannot filter and sort in

  1. A common scenario we see in is that a workbook has a number of end users, each of whom should only be able to see, and edit, a specific subset of rows within a worksheet (for example, sales leads, loan applications, etc). Allowing these users to modify view filters or create new views could expose data that they shouldn’t be seeing. Hence, Editors cannot change these things, but Collaborator-level users (and above) can.

  2. Since filters and sorts get stored with a view, changing filtering and sorting amounts to changing a view for all users in the workbook. For this reason, similar to the decision to limit ability to create new workbooks, editing views is a capability we have limited to licensed users only (Collaborators, Managers, and Owners). Free users (Editors, Commenters, and Viewers) cannot.

  3. Separating out the ability to filter, sort, and create views between different roles (i.e. Collaborator and above vs Editor and below) gives folder and workbook Owners and Managers the ability to control which users have this capability and which do not.

Would love your thoughts on this. The line between Editors and Collaborators (and between free and licensed users overall), is a tough one to draw in a way that meets every organization’s ideal configuration.

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thanks for the explanation. I don’t envy your position of trying to figure out where to draw the line of Free v. License.
… and I see what you mean now about being able to change the filter of things Editors would have access to.

I looking (hoping) to limit how many Views I create for different groups.
I think it would be cool to allow Editors maybe further filter / sort the View they have access to. I don’t know if it would be possible to only show Filter / Sort options based on the Hidden Columns…???

So, I had a scenario today where I created a View for one of our editors. They liked the data, but then wanted to sort it by a different column that they had access to. Then they have to come back to me to re-sort it to what they wanted. Just seems a bit much. So, maybe at least giving them the ability to re-sort the data… :man_shrugging:t5:

in the spirit of this conversation and me playing around more. I created an account with Editor access, and found that if this filter is set, the Editor has access to adjust the #number of days in the Filter:

not sure if this is by design.
thanks again for listening. Enjoy watching this develop!

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Interesting suggestions and something for us to consider for Editor users.

Thanks for pointing this out, we’re tracking this as issue # 004578.