Resort or Refresh Sort or AutoSort

I have a spreadsheet I am editing and have an active sort. It might be cool if changes I make would result in the table automatically resorting. However, I can imagine situations where you wouldn’t want that to happen. But, what I really need is a way to Reapply the active Sort when I’m ready for it to be resorted. Currently, I have to edit the Sort in some way before it will resort.

Perhaps an “Apply” or “Refresh” button could be added to the right of “+ New Sort” as shown in the screenshot.


  1. Yes. Apply Button for Filter & Sort will be rolled out shortly.

  2. Auto- Sort / Auto-Filter are not in our immediate roadmap but are things that we may consider in the future.

Our current thinking is that…

3.In the spirit of adherence to Spreadsheet functionality, the ‘Primary View’ or the Sheet itself will preserve row-order across reloads. The user will have to apply the Apply Button(s) to re-apply Sort and Filter definitions.

  1. However Sort Definitions will be automatically applied to Other Views ( non Primary ones ) upon Page reloads. We kinda view other Views as equivalents to Salesforce or traditional-Saas list views.

That sounds good. Having a way to quickly re-apply the current sort is the important thing.

“Apply” button in Sort and Filter dialogs has now been released.

Excellent. I really like this behavior. It allows you to re-apply an active sort when needed, and lets you add and modify other sort criteria before applying.